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  • If students are your audience,
    We speak their language.
    Digital Signage connects your
    message with their chosen
    method for receiving information.
  • Turn Key Solutions in 3...2...1...!
    Our Standard Package Includes:
    A Lifetime Software License & Team Training
    All Computing Hardware
    Commercial Grade Monitors
    All Neccessary Hardware
    Complete Installation
  • Real Benefits
    That Never Stop Adding Value
    Menus that adjust to time of day automatically
    Partitioned access to features!
    Multiple levels of Animation
    Unlimited design changes and layout options
    Re-broadcast school events and stream athletic events

MealViewerDigital Menus

  • We are the leaders in K-12 Digital Cafeteria Menus. We provide the best looking, easiest to use, most affordable digital signage available for the K-12 application. We deliver the absolute highest standard of quality to our customers.
  • Over Deliver Every Time! We never over sell you on our products. Instead, we get very hands-on to help you determine your specific goals. Then we over deliver with product and support. We understand your needs and join your team.
  • Sole Vendor Products reduce procurement hurdles. Because we supply all of the hardware, software, auxillary components and do the installation; the process of ordering and communicating during the project becomes direct and collaboration is a breeze. We can quickly respond to concerns, provide the neccesary vendor documentation for your district, and schedule install. We do all of this while communicating directly with your district IT department and Building and Grounds so you don't have to.

We can help you drive your sales higher with our cutting edge digital menu system. Adoption of this technology is on the rise and you can be sure you’re not left behind with our highly effective content driven digital menu boards. We know that our product works, and we’ve NEVER left a customer unhappy with a purchase.

World Classservices

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Quick Support

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Multiple Users

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Totally Hosted

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Cost Reduction

It's like magic! We remotely monitor and manage all the maintenance for our units; so we often see problems before they become an issue and head them off before you even notice. Our trained team of customer service/product experts are standing by to help answer questions and assist you with any problems you might experience while operating the software...FREE OF CHARGE.

"Partitioned access is a must." That's what all our clients told us early on. We have designed our whole system with that in mind. We can add unlimited users to your account with unlimited variations of access controls. You never have to worry about shouldering the load of content updates and menu edits because we grant permissions to who and when you need them.

Nothing on the school district servers! Because we use the latest available technology we are able to allow for maximum connectivity and flexibility when it comes to managing the system. Log in from anywhere in the world and update menus on the fly. Never be tied down to expensive equipment stored in one location.

"Can I really afford it?" That's the question everyone asks. We do everything possible to reduce our cost and pass that along to you. You'll notice quickly we aren't your typical software company because our MealViewer Signage comes standard with a LIFETIME software license. Updates to the product are also free. Don't worry about having to pay for neccessary components later on.

RecentlyClient says

"The screens look great! Thank you for the installation and service. We look forward to utilizing these screens to their fullest potential... As Andrew showed us the back-of-the house technology, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. There's no other way to say it, these are SO cool!"

Meghan Gibbons, RD, LDN, SNS
Director of Nutrition Services

"The best move we've made in the last year to improve the quality of our dining experience was installing the MealViewer system. The students immediately responded and participation rates have increased. We are proud to be MealViewer clients!"

Glenda Wafford
Director of School Nutrition, ACPS

"You have the best, easiest to use product out there. Congrats on the project!"

Christine Frole RD, SNS
Director of Food and Nutrition Services
Township High School District 214

See MealViewerLive

Georgia SNA Conference

The MealViewer team will be in attendance at the Georgia SNA Conference on April 9-11. Stop by our booth and say hi, pick up some free stuff and check out the latest updates in person. It's always great to see all of our peers in one place.

I've gotQuestions

Some functionality is based on the monitors that we suggest, but we can retrofit a MealViewer Player to an existing monitor, provided that monitor can support a resolution of at least 1080p.
MealViewer is a true IT friendly solution. Once we get web access we maintain the system in its entirety. All the information is housed on our servers and rarely do we ever involve district IT personel after the install.
Training happens in-house! A product specialist is on site to help train you and your staff during installation. But if that ends up being inconvenient, we also offer live online training with a product specialist. As a MealViewer client you'll always get the VIP treatment anytime you have a question. There are tutorial videos available online if you need a refresher or to train new staff on the fly. As always, our team is just a quick phone call away.
Very little. All we require your school district to provide is power to the point of install and reliable internet connectivity through a standard CAT5/CAT6 connection.
We take all of the guess work out of the design process by providing you with dynamic templates and a huge library of ready-to-use assets. MealViewer is fully functional right out of the box, but we also offer custom layout services at no additional charge.
That is our favorite question! Simply use this site to request a demo. One of our staff will contact you to schedule a time to bring a live version of our software to your facility. We'll meet with you and your staff and give you the oportunity to ask more questions in person.